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Customised solutions for your surface problems


Structured chrome



  • Extreme hardness
  • Variable wetting characteristics (e.g. dirt repellent)
  • Adjustable tribological behaviour
  • Single-step process which makes post-treatment unnecessary


Examples of application:

  • Rolling for printing machines for maximum print quality
  • Temper rolling of metal sheets (embossing method)



Example: Surface with structured chrome



Metal plating for plastics and composite materials


Carbon fibre reinforced plastics are becoming increasingly widespread in many areas of lightweight construction. The greatest benefit with these materials is the highly favourable ratio between strength and weight. However, there are also some disadvantages which limit further replacement of metals with these types of composite materials. The erosion stability of the material does need to be improved for instance for certain applications. New challenges in mixed composite construction which arise through contact between different materials can also limit application. Electroplated coating means that these outstanding features of the CFRP base material in terms of strength to density ratio can now be combined in a beneficial manner with the features of a layered metal, such as surface hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical conductance etc.



  • Increased erosion stability through an electrochemical coating for the plastic or composite material while retaining the material's extremely high strength / density ratio.
  • Also suitable for extreme stress caused by changes in temperature (e.g. in satellites) 
  • Shielding from electromagnetic field influences such as interference, electromagnetic shock and lightning
  • Additional reduction in weight through the 1-pin wiring as the material is used as the earth connection
  • The equipotential bonding also works to prevent contact corrosion


Examples of application:

  • CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic) coating protects modern aircraft components from damage caused by rain and sand erosion
  • Metal plating of satellite composite components with copper to reduce weight
  • Metal plating of composite materials for the automotive industry


Our development services for you are based on the latest research results.


Reference customers: EADS, satellite manufacturer Astrium, Atotech, Airbus



Carbon Kunststoff Probe

SEM of a carbon fibre reinforced plastic sample for aircraft construction


Kupferbeschichtete Probe

Copper coated sample of CFRP for satellite construction with chromate-free pre-treatment


Querschnitt Kupferbeschichtete CFK Probe

Cross-section through a copper coated CFRP sample. The deposited metal film is clearly visible.





Plasma electrolytic oxidation of light metals (PEO)

Special oxide-ceramic coatings can be produced on the surfaces of light metals (Al, Mg, Ti) and their alloys by using plasma-electrolytic oxidation (PEO). One of the characteristics of the resulting surface is a particular high resistance to wear and corrosion. Coatings are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner in water-based electrolytes.

Shorter process times and improved layer characteristics can be obtained for your products as compared with conventional procedures.


Unlike traditional anodizing ("Eloxal"), PEO anodizing is a solid-gas reaction in an electrolyte under plasma conditions. An extremely dense and stable oxide coating is formed on the surface that can be optimised to suit your individual needs.


These oxide ceramic layers consist of extremely hard high-temperature modifications of e.g. Al2 O3 and spinels. The spinels generally feature typical bright and decorative colour that provides your product with a unique selling point (USP) on the market.



  • Scratch-resistant with Vickers hardness up to 1170 HV
  • Maximum thermal conductivity (compared with sapphire and diamond) when used as a heat exchanger
  • Decorative colours possible using pigment deposits or interference colours (similar to anodizing or titanium paints)
  • Bio-compatibility – improved compatibility of implants
  • Water repellent
  • High corrosion and weather resistance
  • Certified for food safety
  • Variable layer thicknesses (700 nm – 90 µm)
  • Reduced weight
  • Lower production costs
  • Extended lifetime


Examples of application:

  • Medical technology, e.g.: Dental pins, implant plates or screws
  • Optics, e.g.:  Spectacle frames, laser traps
  • Industrial commodities, e.g.: Window frames, fences,
  • Aluminium components with adjustable coloured scratch-resistant PEO coating
  • Heat exchangers




Color anodizing  spectacle frames made of titanium alloy





Go innovative ways with CEST in the implementation of the PEO technology