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Corrosion protection for your product


Corrosion leads to high economic losses. They are estimated at amounting to 3-5% of GNP in industrial countries and are caused by direct and indirect corrosion damage (direct material damage, downtime of industrial plants, docking times of ships, etc.). Everyday, large quantities of materials and products are rendered unusable by corrosion. Problems such as subsequent loss of production or simple image loss caused by a defective product often lead to substantial consequential economic losses.


Our many years of experience in the field of corrosion research allow us to offer you tailor-made corrosion protection measures for your products.

By elucidating the corrosion mechanisms underlying the cause of damage, which are often very complex, we are able to ensure that your product enjoys decisive added value on the market by developing and recommending suitable countermeasures and protection measures.

We can implement the adapted technology and innovative corrosion preventing methods in your manufacturing processes and assist your company all the way through to routine manufacturing operations.


Are you developing a new product and do you have special requirements in terms of durability?

Let’s talk about using appropriate materials and coatings!

CEST develops corrosion protection coatings that are not only functional, but also decorative!


New passivation solutions or protecting metallic layers (Al; Ti; Cr and Zn) can be specially tailored to your area of application.




  • Innovative durable and resistant protective coatings
  • Tailored-made to fit your individual needs
  • If required, a decorative finish is also possible
  • “Green surface technology” specifically for your product
  • Avoid image loss and cost disadvantages caused by complaints and/or warranty claims, as well as any recalls or delays in delivery due to plant downtimes


Examples of application:

  • Aviation, engineering, steel processing sector; automotive industry; plant and mechanical engineering and many others where corrosion protection matters


The CEST team not only ensures (functional) corrosion protection but also develops tailored-made solutions with you to increase your product’s USP on the market.


Cr(VI) substitute in the surface technology



Solutions with hard chromium layers of Cr (III)



  • Cr(VI)-free
  • High degrees of hardness achievable
  • Excellent layer properties in terms of homogeneity and durability
  • No problems receiving approval for your process from the authorities


Examples of application:

  • Visually bright chromium plating
  • Wear resistance depending on the application


The know-how of CEST and its research partners (such as TU Wien) is based on 20 years of experience in developing environmentally friendly electrolytes.


Cr(VI)-free passivation solutions 



  • Complies with REACH and environmentally friendly solutions, and guarantees improved employee safety.


Examples of application:

  • Cr(VI)-free primers for coating on  continuous metal sheet (development partners: Henkel and voest alpine gmbh)


Safe products and services with CEST!


Reference customers: Aviation (EADS; Liebherr Aerospace, Hellenic Aerospace); steel producing sector (Voest); chemical industry (BASF; Atotech Deutschland); automotive sector