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Sensor development


The online acquisition of different pharmaceutically and environmentally relevant substances is becoming an increasingly important factor in the monitoring of different processes.

CEST develops electrochemical and bioelectrochemical sensors specially for your field of application.


Whether you want to detect a pollutant in the air or determine the concentration of a substance in the blood/urine of a patient – we develop the right sensor for you!


To do so, we use  cyclo-voltammetric , potentiometric  and amperometric methods as well as special field effect transistors depending on the task to be performed, the required concentration area and your specified detection limit.


Our sensors are characterised by a wide linear range and high robustness against external influences.



  • Online data acquisition possible
  • Compact design
  • Selective and specific to your target substance
  • Short analysis times
  • Low-maintenance



Examples of application:

  • Antibiotics in urine
  • Cytostatic agents in blood
  • Toxins in foods
  • Safety sensors for gaseous substances
  • Pollutants in waste water



Schematic representation of a bioelectrical field-effect transistor – based on antigen-antibody interaction. Highly specific sensor, suitable for the detection of active substances, flavours and pollutants as well as viruses and bacteria