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Electroplating / surface finishing


The surface of a product must satisfy diverse requirements and is often essential to the value of a product.


The base material of many components often does not have the required properties of the final product. For this reason, functional coatings are applied in order to achieve the desired properties, such as corrosion protection, wear protection, good adhesion, solder adhesion, decorative aspects, appealing product appearance, increased electrical conductivity, etc.


Such finishing of the base material is achieved by the application of functional layers (in many cases metallic layers).


The required electrochemical processes, such as chrome plating, nickel plating, gold plating and anodising, serve to improve the base material. They are the subject of intensive research at CEST and are applied directly on the base material.


High-performance functional layers can be produced with the coating process of plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO). Suitable substrates for this treatment are aluminium, magnesium, titanium, and their alloys. Aluminium alloys that cannot be hard anodised, such as alloys containing copper, can be finished with this method. Our range of applications extends from medical technology (titanium) to the automotive and aviation industries (Ti, Al and Mg alloys).


High quality standards as well as the greatest possible care and precision are our job!


We are also happy to apply coatings to individual parts and to manufacture small batches of product for you. We perform everything according to your wishes, from cleaning (e.g. using sand blasting) through to completion. Partial coatings are also no problem, as long as it is possible to cover the area that must not be coated. This enables local multi-layer structures.




The coating portfolio of the CEST research centre:

  • copper plating
  • nickel plating
  • chromium plating   
  • gold plating
  • silver plating
  • anodising
  • plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO)