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Our story


Our research institute’s success story started in 2000 under the name of ECHEM. The initial concept was to combine scientific activities and to bring about direct implementation in the producing industry.




In 2008, the former company ECHEM was integrated into a new funding programme – the Comet-Programm. This integration also led to the search for a new name, and the CEST innovation hub was born.

Our focus shifted to the following areas;


- functional interfaces and surfaces,

- corrosion research and technology, and

- biometric, electrochemical sensors


CEST researches, develops and implements technical solutions for its customers in the producing industry, which


  • become more efficient through innovative surface functionalisation and material development
  • become  cost efficient and retain more value through new corrosion protection systems
  • contribute to innovation leadership in the field of bioelectrochemical sensors
  • contribute to sustainability and social responsibility thanks to their environmental friendliness


If you ever encounter a problem with your product, tell us your needs and we’ll show you all possible solutions. It has often been demonstrated in practice that we can offer solutions which the customer hadn’t considered, loosely based on the notion that you may not see the wood for the trees!




Generate a mark of quality for your product with CEST!