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Surface Innovations and Consulting




We make use of our advanced knowledge and the interdisciplinary know-how of our highly trained researchers for the benefit of your company. In this way, we are able to create optimal solutions and effective impulses for your company, as well as a strengthened competitive position for you, our customer.
CEST is a strategic partner for the development of innovative products, and for surface technology processes.

Your company benefits from

  • the pooled know-how gained from cutting-edge research into functional surfaces,
  • interdisciplinary researchers,
  • a large network of industrial partners and universities, and
  • the most modern analytical equipment



The consulting fields of CEST cover a wide range of sectors where surface technology within the industry is involved. We would like to present you some selected examples from our extensive product portfolio:


Having problems with the surface coating of your product?

  • If the surface does not meet your expectations (formation of bubbles, partial separation, manufacturing problems, etc.), the best solution is to seek advice from CEST with an objective approach for finding the ideal treatment process for your specific surface application.
  • Gradual analysis of processes in surface treatment to detect the cause of possible weak points

Is your high-quality product corroding/rusting?

  • We investigate the cause and help implement an improved or new solution. If you wish, we can assist you during the implementation process up until production in order to ensure that the rust protection covers the entire object and that rust stands no chance.

Do you need external assistance for establishing the quality assurance of your production?

  • We make use of state-of-the-art analytical equipment to support you in all situations, from researching new developments to ensuring there is no un-necessary overload in your internal QM control.
  • We also offer preventive analyses to reduce the risk caused by process changes in your manufacturing.

Are you looking, for example, for the optimal corrosion protection for your product?

  • CEST carries out market screening and the analysis of corrosion protection solutions available on the market for you to ensure that you use the most advanced and appropriate corrosion protection available for your product.
Are some of the substances of your surface coating no longer usable because of the  REACH regulation?
  • The REACH regulations have been in effect for already some time. The objective of the REACH regulations is to protect human health as well as the environment.

Should you use materials in the manufacture of your products that are not compatible with this legislation, you can receive assistance choosing a suitable replacement. If a simple replacement is not possible, we would be pleased to help you developing a new sustainable solution.