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Corrosion Science and Technology



Scientific relevance:

Understanding the mechanisms of corrosion processes and developing, mechanisms of Cr(VI)-free corrosion protection


Industrial relevance:

Use of Cr(VI)-free corrosion protection layers



The development of efficient and environmentally friendly processes for corrosion protection helps to reduce costs and is of great importance for the areas of safety, health and environmental protection. In particular, the replacement of surface treatments for metals that contain heavy metals or other substances that are toxic or harmful to the environment, such as the search for alternatives to chromium(VI) conversion layers, is a major challenge.


In the corrosion research area, we work with our industry partners to develop alternative corrosion protection concepts and make them ready for commercial use. An important part of this work involves exploring corrosion mechanisms and the effects of corrosion protection measures under realistic conditions with the aid of electrochemical, surface analysis and simulation methods. This includes work in the areas of “contact corrosion”, conductive polymers for corrosion protection, “chromium-free coatings” and “multifunctional layers”.


Collaborations / reference projects:

voestalpine, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, AIRBUS Defence and Space

Complete replacement of chrome-plating as corrosion protection in the coil coating of our partner voestalpine. Measurement of the Volta potential with the scanning Kelvin probe (SKP) on a material combination of Al, Fe, Zn and carbon.