Adhesive Testing

Adhesive bonding technology gained popularity especially in the field of light weight design due to multi-material construction. It replaces traditional joining methods, e.g. welding, riveting, etc. and is found in automotive, aerospace, civil engineering and other applications.


At CEST we are focusing on the following:

  • Characterization of bonding performance and failure pattern
  • Impact of substrate pre-treatments
  • Impact of environmental conditions

Special focus on automotive application includes:

  • Lab scale automotive electrophoretic coating process
  • Broad coverage of environmental aging tests
    – Salt spray test
    – Cyclic corrosion tests (e.g. VDA 621-415)
    – Cataplasma test

Testing of adhesive bonds mainly performed are:

  • Lap shear tests (according to DIN EN 1465)
  • T-Peel tests
  • Evaluation of failure pattern according to DVS 3302
  • Others possible on request

Testing of coatings

We offer the following tests for the characterization of coatings, also in combination with corrosion tests and other tests:

  • Cross cut test DIN EN ISO 2409
  • Pull-off test for adhesion DIN EN ISO 4624
  • Determination of scratch resistance DIN EN ISO 1518-1
  • Cupping test DIN EN ISO 1520, DIN EN 13523-6
  • Bend test (conical mandrel) DIN EN ISO 6860
  • Resistance to cracking on bending (T-bend test) of coil coated metals DIN EN 13523-7
  • Color measurement, measurement of gloss DIN EN ISO 2813
  • Degree of blistering, rusting, cracking, flaking according to DIN EN ISO 4628-2, 4628-3, 4628-4, 4628-5 etc.
Adhesive Testing - Klebeprüfung Linz
Adhesive Testing – Klebeprüfung Linz
Adhesive Testing - Klebeprüfung Linz
Adhesive Testing – Klebeprüfung Linz