Corrosion Tests and Aging

At CEST we are well equipped for performing various corrosion tests, climate tests and aging procedures.

Complemented by our chemical analytical capabilities we are able to conduct full examinations of tested materials. Beside steel, aluminum and its alloys we of course also have lots of experience in non-iron metals e.g. copper, bronze or brass as well as specialty or composite materials.

Our customers range from automotive and aerospace industry via marine applications even to outdoor, lighting, architecture and construction.

A short list of popular tests and examinations are listed below.

A short list of popular tests and examinations are listed below.

– NSS test (neutral salt spray test)
– AASS test (acetic acid salt spray test)
– CASS test (copper accelerated salt spray test)

  • Salt spray test in simulated marine climate with CaCl2 and natron (OEM-Standards)
  • Condens water test DIN EN ISO 6270-2 (CH, AHT, AT)
  • Filiform corrosion EN 3665
  • Climate tests
  • Especially for automotive industry cyclic corrosion tests VDA 233-102 („VDA new“) and VDA 621-415 („VDA old“)
  • Cataplasma-Test according to EN ISO 9142 procedure E2, DIN EN ISO 22970, etc.
  • Atlas UV aging test (on test panels): DIN EN ISO 16474-3 Procedure A, Cycle 1; DIN EN ISO 16474-3 Procedure A, Cycle 2
  • Cyclic ageing test according to DIN EN ISO 12944-6, test program 2 Annex B
  • Coating test 
  • SAE J2020 (Automotive Exterior)
  • Stress corrosion cracking 
  • Development of individual tests
  • Development of accelerated tests
  • Multiple standards available
    EN, DIN, ASTM, VDA, SAE etc.
  • SWAAT test (sea water acetic acid salt spray test) ASTM G85
  • Immersion corrosion test ASTM G31
  • Accelerated weathering with UV e. g. 
  • Intercrystalline corrosion test ASTM G110
  • Electrochemical corrosion tests
  • Other tests/ standards on request
Korrosionstest und -untersuchungen
Korrosionstest und -untersuchungen CEST