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Since its founding in 2008 CEST developed a strong and unique expertise in applied and fundamental electrochemistry as well as surface and interface engineering. Electrochemical surface technology is at the center of technology that will enable the advance of our society in to a circular and resource neutral economy.

Precisely, this includes transforming the automotive industry towards sustainable production, batteries for mobile and local application, or the evolution towards a safe and reliable hydrogen economy. Further, negative emission technology for electrochemical recycling of CO2 will need to compensate for inherently green-house gas intense industries such as the cement or meat industry. All these technologies rely on electrochemical interfaces their interface design, stability and economic viability, i.e. efficiency. Addressing these issues, and further developing the necessary expertise in the COMET landscape is hence imperative for securing the competitiveness and evolution of Austria’s industries, during the upcoming sustainability-transition of the global economy.

In the COMET center network we work together with companies and research partners to strengthen innovation and and business location Austria, and to further advance Austria’s standing as a technology leader, creating new high tech jobs and industries. This is a list of our success stories.

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Success Stories


The COMET factsheet provides a compact overview of the program, funding structure and much more.

More information about the program can be found at COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies | FFG