CEST is represented at three locations in Austria: Wiener Neustadt, Linz and Tulln


Cest Wiener Neustadt Gebäude
Gruppenfoto CEST Wiener Neustadt
Adhesive Testing - Klebeprüfung Linz
Our location in Wiener Neustadt, lower Austria offers 1,200 m² of space for offices, laboratories and pilot plants.
In addition to the company management and administration, the research areas corrosion and functional surfaces are located at this location. We are one of the companies of the TfZ, the technology and research centre in Wiener Neustadt. This location also enables us to cooperate closely with other local research institutes and companies.


Cest Linz Eingang
Cest Linz Gruppenfoto
Cest Linz Footage
Our new location in Linz, Stahlstraße, Upper Austria was opened in autumn 2018.
Here the focus is on the research areas of corrosion of functional surfaces. Linz is also home to a pilot plant for corrosion testing and our test laboratory for adhesive bonds. We are located in the middle of the industrial centre of Linz, so that our customers have very short distances to us.


Gruppenfoto CEST Tulln
Bioelektrochemie und Biosensorik CEST
At our location in Tulln, Lower Austria, we are engaged in bioelectrochemistry and sensor applications. This is the newest location of CEST (since the beginning of 2019).
We are located in the University and Research Centre Tulln, where we carry out our research together with the AIT.