Consulting Upscaling & Process optimization CEST
We are passionate about creative solutions for complex problems in the field of surface technology and electrochemistry

Our Vision

CEST2030 sets the standards for electrochemical surface and interface engineering. We have committed to creating and sustaining world-leading conditions that enable a close cooperation between fundamental, applied, and industrial researchers, providing unparalleled opportunities and infrastructure for creating transformative solutions for a circular and sustainable economy and society with highly qualified citizens.

How we work

As a research institute and service provider, sometimes conflicting goals exist. Creative solutions require freedom, while sometimes accuracy and organization are essential for the client. We at CEST try to combine both and find exactly the right solutions and answers for our partners.

In order to do a truly good job, the supportive company framework must exist. Therefore we try to be up to date at CEST, not only in terms of scientific advances, but also in terms of working culture up to date. Empowerment of every single employee is important to us. We also try to keep the organization lean and agile. Every employee should find the ideal conditions to find an optimal solution for the customer. In the same way we see things like flexible working hours and home office as a necessity to allow everyone to combine work and private life.

In science, you are working on the cutting edge of technology, which is why we invest in the further training of our employees. Contacts to colleagues in the field are necessary, therefore regular participation in conferences and membership in industry organisations are tools to keep knowledge up to date – this is the only way we can answer the complex questions of our customers.