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Application of graphene-based materials in aeronautical structures for de-icing, lightning strike protection, fire barrier and water absorption prevention purposes

Project coordinator @ CEST: Dr. Peter Velicsanyi


In the scope of the GRAPHICING project (funded by the European Union, Horizon 2020 CleanSky programm) advanced functional lightweight materials, based on graphene related materials (GRM) and systems with the capability for more efficient integration into aircraft structures are developed. These are thermoelectric Ice protection systems (IPS) essential for aircraft safety by avoiding in-flight icing enabling also for other integrated functionalities: by ensuring sufficient electrical and thermal conductivity and fine tuning of GRM, resistivity against lightning strikes, fire retardancy and water impermeability of the resulting composite with minimized GRM additions can be also realized. Expected primary impact are more competitive aircraft components with higher integration capability and lower weight resulting therefore in less fuel consumption and less CO2 emission (up to 2% annually).

General info:

Program: H2020 CleanSky2 Joint Undertaking


Funding agency: European Commission

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Project duration: 32 months

Project partners:


Topic manager: Leonardo SpA (I)


Figure 1 Apparatus for an environmentally friendly synthesis of graphene oxide (GO)
Figure 2 Photocatalytic GO reduction for producing rGO