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Abbildung 1: Schematischer Prozess der Polymerisation von Monomeren um einen Zielanalyten. Im Rahmen des Projekts wird dieser Teil als Festphasensynthese ausgeführt werden.
Signal enhancement in (bio-)medical assays based on the development of molecularly imprinted nanoparticles (MIP-NPs) coupled to gold or titanium nanoparticles

Project coordinator @ CEST: Philipp Fruhmann

Project Partner: Universität Wien

Project abstract:

Within this project, we are aiming to improve a sensing concept in order to improve the applicability and usability of biomedical tests. We are therefor focusing on the defined synthesis of defined molecularly imprinted nanoparticles (MIP-NPs), which can be considered as “plastic nanobodies” The great benefit from MIPs therefore is their high affinity and the limited number of binding sites (only a few per particle).

However, based on their small size and weight, they are only limited suitable within (bio-)medical assays. To improve this, we work on the design of selective conjugation approaches of such MIP-NPs to metal nanoparticles to increase their mass and refractive index, which allows an improved sensitivity on a range of biosensor platforms, such as the quartz crystal microbalance or surface plasmon resonance (SPR).

Considering that up to now most biomedical tests depend on complex laboratory infrastructure, trained personnel and expensive materials (e.g. antibodies), implementing adaptable MIP-NPs strongly enhances the possibilities towards on-site-use detection with the benefits of reduced costs, enhanced stability and reliability.

The present project will demonstrate this concept by developing and optimizing MIP-NPs for three representative relevant analytes with different molecular mass/size and implementing them into biomedical devices. The uses cases include antibiotics, toxins and allergens and will lead to three readily working tests at the final project stage.

General info:

Program: Science Call 2019 (Lower Austria)


Funding agency: NFB – NÖ Forschungs- und Bildungsges.m.b.H. (NFB)

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Project duration: 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2023

Project partners:

University of Vienna (Prof. Peter Lieberzeit)


Topic manager: Philipp Fruhmann