Contact angle

The drop shape analysis system G10 / DSA10 is used to determine the surface tension of liquids based on the pendant drop method, as well as for the measurement of the contact angle and for the calculation of the surface energy of solids according to the sessile drop method.



  • Dynamic and static determination of contact angle and surface energy of solids
  • Measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension of liquids
  • Automatic detection of the sample surface
  • Measurement of unusual sample geometries
  • Very high measuring speed possible
  • Recording video sequences




  • Investigation of the effectiveness of surface treatments
  • Testing the surface cleanliness
  • Optimization of different coatings
  • Characterization of paints on wood, plastics and metals
  • Optimization of surfaces for the bonding of different materials




  • large, easily accessible sample stage
  • integrated dosing system
  • high-quality zoom lens
  • integrated video system
  • measurement of contact angle, surface tension and surface energy


Further Equipment:


  • Temperature chamber TC3010 / 3410 up to 120°C
  • Top Drop Analyzer TDA10 (for mobile measurements)
Oberflächenspannung 66,56 mN/m
Oberflächenspannung 66,56 mN/m

Surface tension 66.56 mN / m

Kontaktwinkel 50 ° (Sessile-Drop Methode)
Kontaktwinkel 50 ° (Sessile-Drop Methode)

Contact angle 50 ° (Sessile drop method)