Developments on redof flow batteries

CEST and industry partner Enerox present research developments on redox flow batteries:

Together with collaborators from our industrial partner Enerox, researchers at CEST could unravel the role of active sites in electrodes, enabeling the development of more efficent and long-lasting Vanadium redox flow batteries.

Chemistry Europe – Unveiling the Role of Electrografted Carbon-Based Electrodes for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

This complements our joint efforts in extending the lifetime and efficiency of those promising energy storage systems. With our scientific collaborators at DECHEMA, we provided an overview about the aging of battery membranes, which is decisive to understand and avoid the degradation of battery systems.

Taylor & Francis Online – Membrane degradation in redox flow batteries

For further questions please contact our leading researcher in this field:

Dr. Christian Pichler
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