CEST at the AIChE 2022 Annual Meeting

Our senior Dr. Bilotto and student MSc. Ostermann attended the AIChE 2022 AnnualMeeting in Phoenix. Huge conference on chemical engineering with strong participations from industries and academia from all over the world. The two representatives from CEST had one presentation talk each.

Dr. Bilotto has presented at AIChE 2022 his PhD work on the role of ions in adhesion and the recent publication done in collaboration with TU Wien on mussel adhesion, published on Biointerphases and funded by the CEST strategic COMET project Biglu. 

MSc Ostermann has presented at AIChE 2022 his recent publication on green production of graphene oxide. He also showed some of the results on direct application for de-icing and water uptake functionalities. The work is funded by the European Union in the framework CleanSky2.

Dr. Bilotto and MSc Ostermann met with Prof. Andresen Eguiluz and Dr. Syeda. Lovely lunch tasting proper Mexican food while discussing way to open collaboration between University of California Merced and CEST. We are all excited for this new possible collaboration on materials, biological/robot interfaces, and lubrication.