R&D – Partners and Networks

As innovation driven research center, CEST is actively applying and leading a wide range of projects funded by the EU or national funding institutions. As a result of this efforts, CEST can provide its expertise to carry out large projects from application to the completion of the different project tasks. Beside the realization of our own visions, we are always open to participate as reliable project partner in ambitious research proposals.

If you are looking for a large-scale project, a greater consortium or a partner, we are looking forwards to discuss your ideas and the corresponding funding possibilities. We are basically open for all funding possibilities, ranging from national institutions (NÖ, OÖ, FFG) to different EU calls, and have successful carried out projects in all funding schemes in the past.

A short overview about the currently running R&D projects can be found in the R&D section. whereas new partners in follow up projects of the described topics are welcome every time.


LoRa-Sens: Development of a Lower Austrian wide LoRaWAN based humidity and ammonia sensing system with customizable sensors

conductive MIPs

Novel molecularly imprinted polymer sensors as tool for breast cancer screening


Ultra-robust Lipid Membrane-based Nanopore Sensors


Smart coatings for corrosion protection of airframes


Application of graphene-based materials in aeronautical structures for de-icing, lightning strike protection, fire barrier and water absorption prevention purposes


Two-dimensional materials as ultrathin corrosion barriers on steels by adapting industrial surface hardening processes


Aircraft advanced rear end and empennage optimisation enhanced by anti-ice coatings and devices


Joint Austrian In-flight Icing Research Venture 2020+

Korea OeAD

Nanostructure controlled polymer decorated electrospun nanofiber towards anti-icing surface


Nanofiber based membranes for CO2 capture



Novel self-healing icephobic surfaces due to lubricant functionalized nanostructures



Novel anti-ice surfaces based on lubricant reservoirs in polymer coatings

CR Free Real Logo

Cr Free REAL

Development and testing of innovative Cr Free solution for Removal of Anodic Layer


DEbonding of LIGHTweight structures


Adaptable spectral surface plasmon imaging for single molecule detection


Intelligent coating systems on multimetallic composite structures for automotive production



Hot Lithography-based Additive Manufacturing of Antennas for Space


Artificial Intelligence-based corrosion sensing and prediction for aircraft applications


Signal enhancement in (bio-)medical assays based on the development of molecularly imprinted nanoparticles (MIP-NPs) coupled to gold or titanium nanoparticles